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Melanochromis chipokae – Chipokae Cichlid


Common name: Chipokae
Latin name: Melanochromis chipokae
Synonyms: n/a
Similar fish: Other Melanochromis species, esp. M.auratus.
Size: Usually 12-15cm. Sometimes larger.
Water chemistry: pH 7.5-8.5; GH 100 – 300ppm; Temperature 23 – 28?C
Natural habitat: Lake Malawi, Africa. Fairly widespread in a range of habitats.
Aquarium care: Easy to keep. Chipokae can be extremely aggressive, especially an adult male. Keep them somewhat crowded and provide plenty of hiding places to minimise aggression. Rarely suffers from any diseases but is susceptible to bloat. Maintain clean water, stress-free conditions and feed a good quality food such as New Life Spectrum to avoid bloat issues. An occasional light feeding of brineshrimp is fine but is unnecessary if feeding a good quality prepared food.
Breeding: Mouthbrooding egg-layer. May hybridize with other Mbuna.
Other info: Juveniles and females are a nice bright yellow with black stripes. Males quickly change to a blue/black with white stripes. Well known for their extreme aggression, be sure to choose equally aggressive tank mates and avoid fish that look similar as these will be heavily targeted.

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