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Aulonocara sp. ‘Orange Blotch Peacock’

OB Peacock

Common name: Orange Blotch Peacock, Marbled Peacock
Latin name: Aulonocara sp. Man-made hybrid variety.
Synonyms: n/a
Similar fish: n/a
Size: 16cm, usually less.
Water chemistry: pH 7.5-8.5; GH 100 – 300ppm; Temperature 22 – 28C
Natural habitat: Man-made variety.
Aquarium care: Easy to care for. Keep as a group or with other species of similar temperament (i.e other Aulonocara, Copadichromis, Placidochromis, etc). Attempts can be made to keep A.sp.’Orange Blotch’ with Mbuna or other more aggressive species but bullying may occur. Will thrive on any good quality pellet food but will benefit from the occasional light feeding of brine shrimp, bloodworms, earthworms, etc. An aquarium of 200L would be the minimum recommended size. Provide plenty of caves and hiding places as well as ample open swimming area.
Breeding: Mouthbrooding egg-layer.
Other info: Only males develop brilliant colouration, however females of this type are often still attractively marked. The Orange Blotch/Marbled colour pattern occurs naturally in many Mbuna genus such as Metriaclima and Labeotropheus. However, this appearance has been bred into the Aulonocara genus through inter-generic hybridisation. Will hybridise readily with other Aulonocara species. May be somewhat unpredicatable in temperament due to it’s mixed origins.

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