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Apistogramma juruensis – Jurua Dwarf Cichlid

Apistogramma juruensis (sub-adult)

Common name: Jurua Dwarf Cichlid
Latin name: Apistogramma juruensis
Synonyms: none.
Similar fish: Other species of the Apistogramma cacatuoides-group.
Size: male 9cm, female 6cm.
Water chemistry: pH 4.5 – 6.5; GH 10 – 140ppm; Temperature 20 – 29 C
Natural habitat: Rio Jurua Basin (Brazil, Peru; South America).
Aquarium care: Apistogramma juruensis is a hardy and undemanding Dwarf Cichlids, which is mainly found in black water habitats. Males are polygamous. Aquarium decoration with rocks and driftwood over fine sand, as well as leaf litter is preferred. Water should be soft and acidic with humins (black water). Jurua Dwarf Cichlids are best kept as pairs for breeding. Maintain clean water and feed a combination of good quality food such as New Life Spectrum with occasionally feeding of life food (brine shrimp, black worms, daphnia) or frozen food is recommended.
Breeding: Egg-layer, cave spawner.

Other info: Males are more colourful and can develope a lyrashaped caudal fin, females only display their yellow brood colouration when caring for fry. Available in the hobby Since 1996. In the wild Dwarf Cichlids of the genus Apistogramma are micro-predators of aquatic insects, crustaceans and fry or other small fish.


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