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The Nano Tank



Why not consider setting up a nano aquarium?

Most people consider nature as one of the things they want to recreate in their home. As the available space seems to be getting smaller and time is also a limiting factor – the Nano Aquarium techniques are getting more advanced in smaller spaces. A big range of different nano aquariums and complete kits are now available from different brands, starting from a footprint size of about 20x20x20cm with roughly 10 litres of water. Those are small, stylish packages which are ideal for small homes or offices and they provide all the fun of keeping fish or other aquatic creatures like shrimp.


When selecting plants, you will need to ensure that small systems can be aquascaped in a matter of weeks, wrong plants can outgrow your tank in days. When establishing any planted aquarium, the right size is everything and with a nano tank this is even more important. All plants in your nano tank will need some level of care – just as your normal size aquarium or garden does.

A good choice are small or slower growing varieties like Glossostigma, Hemianthus, Pygmy Chain Sword, Baby Tears, Hairgrass, Pennywort, small Cryptocoryne & Anubias variants, different mosses (Java moss, Fissidens, Christmas moss, Riccia etc.) and  ferns (Bolbitus or Microsorium sp.).


When it comes to selecting livestock to your nano tank, keep in mind ‘less is always more’. In aquascaping you want to create a ‘picture’ that is pleasing to the eye, therefore it is quite common to see nano tanks with only a small number of fish or shrimps. Selecting the right fish for the aquarium is very important, and ‘size does matter’ when it comes to small aquariums.

Ideal fish include danios, rasboras, killifish, Dwarf cichlids, barbs, smaller livebearers, small catfish & tetras as well as shrimps.


You can also add other feature items like rocks, wood or ornaments to your nano tank, but be mindful what you add, as there is relatively little space in your nano aquarium. Adding aquascaping objects with interesting structures and details will help take the focus from the small size and makes it an interesting feature for any room in the house.

With those simple guidelines you will be able to create a beautifully landscaped mini aquarium in no time at all.




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  1. would a pair of cockatoo dwarf cichlids work in a 30 litre nano tank?

    • They would need at least 60 ltr to be happy – you can try a pair of killifish, tetras (neons, glowlight) or smaller rasboras (maculatas, hengeli or emeral eyes) they would do fine in a 30 ltr tank.

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