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Information related to different sub-sections of fish keeping, including biotopes, planted tanks, discus, invertebrates, etc.

Biological Algae Control

Bristlenose underside

Algae-eaters are important inclusions in just about all aquarium systems. The most common algae eaters are … Continue reading

21 October 2012 by Greg Maguire

Breeding Bettas


If you follow the basic requirements for ‘Keeping Bettas’ you already have done most of the … Continue reading

05 February 2013 by Holger Loecker

Breeding Dwarf Cichlids in Australia

Apistogramma macmasteri, female with fry

One of the hardest things about keeping SA Dwarfs in Australia is being able finding them … Continue reading

28 October 2012 by Holger Loecker

Coming soon…

This material will be available soon. If you have an article you would like to share, … Continue reading

03 September 2012 by SNadmin

Culturing Microworms


Microworms are a highly nutritous first-food suitable for many egglaying and livebearing fish. Slightly smaller than … Continue reading

14 July 2012 by SNadmin

Culturing Vinegar Eels

Vinegar Eels

Vinegar Eels, also known as Wine Worms are neither worm nor eel but nematode. Unlike some … Continue reading

19 September 2011 by SNadmin

Keeping Bettas

Wild-type Betta splendens

The Siamese Fighting Fish is the fish most people associate with Bettas. Their bold colours and … Continue reading

06 October 2012 by Greg Maguire

Keeping Dwarf Cichlids

Apistogramma algodon, male

A common mistake of many people is thinking that small fish equals small aquarium. This is … Continue reading

28 October 2012 by Holger Loecker

Keeping Shell Dwelling Cichlids

Lamprologus occelatus

Unique to the Rift Valley of eastern African are a group of cichlids affectionately called ‘Shell … Continue reading

12 October 2012 by Greg Maguire

Nano Tank Setup Guide


The Nano Tank     Why not consider setting up a nano aquarium? Most people consider … Continue reading

07 July 2014 by SNadmin

South American Dwarf Cichlids

South America, Amazon basin map

Dwarf Cichlids are found throughout much of South America. This is an enormous geographic region and … Continue reading

28 October 2012 by Holger Loecker